Most women are immediately thrilled about getting engaged.  The engagement high last about 24hrs and before you know it you and your fiance are on the topic of money.  Planning a wedding is hard, because you want so many things, but if you are like me than you are most likely on a budget.  Being on a budget isn't the end of the world and here at Buds to Blooms you know that you will be getting the most affordable wedding florist in town! 



I think this has to be the most important and the hardest task of planning your wedding.  The GUEST list!  When trying to save money on your wedding narrowing down your guest list is going to be key.  Try to only invite immediate family members and your closest friends.


Classic mailed invites are always beautiful, but if you are on a budget and want to spend your money elsewhere I suggest sending an Evite.  There are a ton of sites out there that offer free electronic invitations using one of their pre made templates.  I personally used Evite for my wedding and they were perfect! The average cost of sending traditional invitations for 100 guest is between $200-$400.  Even if you plan to DIY you are still looking at spending between $120-$200.

Wedding Aisle


Want to save big bucks on your venue? Get married in the wedding offseason!  The offseason typically runs from December to March.  Depending on where you live, December and even March can still be quite nice outside.  If you live in a cooler climate choosing to have your wedding around noon will provide ample sunlight and warmth for your guest.  That is when the sun is at it's highest point.  You also have the choice of getting married indoors completely!

Wedding Shoes


Saturday is the most popular day of the week to get married, so by choosing to get married on a different day will save you a few $100 bucks.  Try Thursday or Friday and your guest will thank you.  Why?  If you get married on either days more than likely they wont go back to work until Monday - can you say LONG WEEKEND!  Also flights are cheaper Sunday-Thursday.

Mini Wedding Pastries_2


Not a fan of nights? Great! Having your wedding earlier in the day is a great way to save money.  Have an 11am ceremony and serve a beautiful brunch with an omelet bar and waffle station.  Or have a beautiful buffet table set up with light finger foods.  The key here is that breakfast foods are less expensive than dinner foods.  This is great for the very intimate wedding where you may have less than 20 guests.

Dancing At Wedding


I love photos as much as the next person and I love to go through my wedding album and relive the day.  Lucky for me I had a friend who was a photographer who gave me an amazing deal.  With my budget there was no way I could afford anyone else.  If you don't have a friend then the next best thing is looking for a photography student or scan Thumbtack.  Students are a great option.  Look for second year students and always ask to see a portfolio.  Another great way to get tons of photos without hiring a photographer is adding a note at the bottom of your invite that asks all guest to take tons of photos, and to email them the next few days after the wedding.

Hanging Dress


I don't believe in settling when it comes to your wedding dress.  There are plenty of bridal shops out there that have prices that don't go over $2000.  That's why I love David's Bridal!  They have absolutely beautiful dresses for every body type and every budget.  They always have a sale rack and some of those dresses will be as low as $199.  Make sure to add alterations into your wedding dress budget!

Beach Wedding

# 8  VENUE

We all have a dream venue in our mind, but sometimes those venues aren't  realistic because of our budget.  That doesn't mean you can't get married at a beautiful location.  You are scanning local images of bridal venues in your town and more than likely you are only seeing the most popular.  News flash! The more in demand a venue is the bigger the $$$!  It's time to get serious and do some digging on Google to find that hidden gem.



Flowers are a must at a wedding and if you aren't careful your dream flowers can end up being your entire wedding budget! There are ways to have the flowers of your dreams while staying within your budget.  I love to use flowers that have multiple blooms per stem like Lisianthus, Spray Rose, Lillies, Alstroemeria and many more.  You can also go the complete opposite way with giant blooms like Hydrangea.  Another way to save money is to start with greenery.  The more greenery you have the less flowers you will need, and there are tons of greenery out there that have color to them like variegated Aspidistra, variegated Ginger and even the very underused Coleus!   We all have that florist in our town that is very well known.  That in demand florist is going to be $$$  Don't be afraid to look on Thumbtack for your wedding florist.  Home based florist like me are able to offer you better rates than the big box florist store.

Bar and Alcohol


Alcohol can be a big expense at your wedding, and if you are working with a limited budget I recommend hosting a Stock the Bar party!!  You don't have to throw an over the top party.  Offer some finger foods, serve some drinks and play some music.  Stock the bar parties are generally thrown a month before the wedding, and its a great way for people who haven't met to get acquainted  with each other.  You can also do this instead of throwing an engagement party.  On your evite ask everyone to bring a form of alcohol to stock the wedding bar, or you can be more specific and have a list of items that you would like people to bring.  Your guest will be happy to do this because they know you will be serving something they would want to drink, and it beats paying for drinks at a wedding that's not open bar.

Your dream wedding is right around the corner.  With a little planning you can have a wedding that doesn't break the bank, but looks like you did!